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Meet our faces: Ellen's first months of motherhood

The women you see in our campaign have all given birth to healthy babies by now. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve asked them some quick questions about their first months of motherhood. Meet ELLEN, mom of OLIVER.

NAME: Ellen Duiker-Snijder
JOB: owner of Flowers to stay
MOM OF: Oliver, born February 3rd 2022

The first months were…

“A wonderful time that we’d been looking forward to for a very long time. Delightful, but also very exciting, because everything is new. Breastfeeding, changing diapers, getting him dressed (long live those wrapover bodysuits), and then those nights…”

Cliche, but true

“Everything is a phase! Just when you think you're getting the hang of it, something changes again. Our little man rarely sleeps during the day, so I’m the kind of mom that walks around with the stroller all day long - yes, also when it rains.”

The type of mom I turned out to be

“I don’t see myself as a typical mom-person, and I hoped to be the relaxed type of mother. I think I am - or at least: my friends say I am. Of course there’s moments when you worry about those typical ‘little things’. Is he still breathing? Is he cold? Is he comfortable in his carrier?”

Ellen Duiker Snijder Atelier Melon

Motherhood in 3 words


On pregnancy

“My pregnancy went quite smoothly, but I’d say it’s most important to listen to your body.”

Best tip for the first months

“Go for wraparound bodysuits - I buy them at Hema. And also: enjoy the time your baby is still really small and wants to lay on your belly for hours. ‘They grow so fast’ turns out to be a cliche that’s very true as well!”

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