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5 easy tips to stay fit during pregnancy

There's lots of ways to keep moving during pregnancy - whether it's walking, strength training or some gentle stretches. Some areas however, could use some extra attention. Pilates trainer Maxime shares 5 tips that help keep you fit during pregnancy.

1. Do some squats

“Squats can easily be integrated into any workout. I love squats, because they are part of a total body movement. They help your body become more stable and mobile, which is helpful during pregnancy, but also during birth and when recovering. As the hips sit back, the pelvic floor is loading and lengthening at the same time. This is also one of the reasons this squat-position is suggested during birth.”

2. Strengthen those legs

“Strengthening your legs and inner thigh muscles is key in preparing for labor (hi again, squats!). At the end of birth - when you are breathing your baby down and out of the birth path - you may find yourself in many different positions in which you will probably need your leg muscles.”

3. Increase your lower back flexibility

“Another good exercise is the pelvic tilt and curl - it’s one of my favorites, prenatal and postnatal. This exercise can either be done standing in front of a wall, or laying on your side (depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy: pick the option that feels best for you). When practiced regularly, this exercise helps to increase the flexibility of the lower back - which prevents lower back strain - it strengthens your abdominal muscles in a safe way and it promotes good alignment in your spine.”

4. Lift those arms - you will need them

“I also really like to focus on posture, and on strengthening the arms, shoulders and upper back. You will be needing that strength when nurturing, feeding and when changing diapers. A lot of what we do - actually, almost everything - happens in front of our body, so our back is much needed for support. Grab some light weights, or use your own body weight, and start lifting those arms!”

5. Don't forget to just breathe

“And whatever exercise you choose to do, the most important thing is to breathe! Never forget that breathing is the best exercise there is.”

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