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Fashion is not sustainable. There, we’ve said it. However, at Atelier Melon we act responsible in the best way we can, all to make the world a better place with each purchase. Because we want you to feel good, but we feel we must do good as well. Here are our three pillars of responsibility.

1. Fabricate

All Atelier Melon items are made of carefully and responsibly sourced materials. Our factory operates within strict socially responsible guidelines, and complies to the following certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycling Standard (GRS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and OK Compost Polybag. 

2. Compensate

Per item, we’ve calculated & offset our CO2 footprint using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). That means we have calculated not only the CO2 impact of just the production process, but of the entire product lifecycle. Starting from the extraction of raw materials, to manufacturing and distribution, to the moment a product is being used by you, our customer, up until you decide to recycle it sometime in the future.

But we didn't want to be just carbon neutral, we want to be carbon positive. Therefore we offset twice the CO2 footprint for each product sold. Because we believe the next generation - the one you're creating right now - deserves to live in a beautiful world as well.

3. Donate

As a mother you want the best and only the best for your baby or child. Not all women in this world are fortunate enough to live in the best circumstances to be pregnant and have a baby. We donate a fixed amount per purchase to Kinderfonds Mamas, an organisation that aims to make the world a safer place for every child.