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Pop-up power: how our donation to MommaLuv made an impact in Ghana

Remember our pop-up shop in Amsterdam last September? We donated 10% of our proceeds that week to the MommaLuv foundation, and we're happy and proud to share what they were able to realize with our donation.

For us, proper medical care during and after pregnancy is a given. Regular check-ups, screenings during pregnancy, access to the hospital and guidance when going into labour - it's all taken care of. In less developed countries, that's not the case, unfortunately. 

Atelier Melon x MommaLuv

As a brand for women, by women, we want to make a positive impact not only on women who can afford a pair of good lookin' pregnancy jeans, but also on women navigating through the same journey called pregnancy elsewhere in the world. That's why we partnered up with the MommaLuv foundation, and donated 10% of our pop-up shop proceeds to their Birth Project. The MommaLuv Birth Project has the goal to make a proper level of maternal care available to expectant mothers in underserved communities in Africa. With our donation, they realized birth seminars in Ghana.


Atelier Melon x MommaLuv birth project seminar


Two seminars, 23 pregnant women

The first seminar took place in a small town called Brabedze, where 11 expectant women gathered. A local nurse gave a presentation about (preparing for) labour, the first weeks after the birth, breastfeeding and family planning. Afterwards, there was plenty of room for questions, which is very valuable, since these women never get time with a midwife or doctor.

The second seminar took place in the small fisherman's community Moree, where another 12 moms-to-be joined. Steven - a social worker - led the seminar, and was supported by Hawa, who joined a MommaLuv birth seminar last year. She shared how she used the knowledge from the seminar during her childbirth, and was able to tell the other women all about how she used the materials from the birth kit. 

After both seminars, all the moms-to-be also received their birth kit. In countries like Ghana, you are not allowed access to the hospital, unless you bring your own medical birth kit. So technically speaking, the birth kits the 23 women received, are their 'entry tickets' to the hospital, increasing the chances on a safe birth and healthy start for both mom and baby.

Atelier Melon x MommaLuv birth project seminar


Thanks a million!

To everyone who shopped with us at our pop-up shop - 10% of your amount spent has contributed to this. So on behalf of the MommaLuv foundation, the 23 women who joined the seminars in Ghana, and Atelier Melon: thanks a million!

To MommaLuv - thank you for making this happen, for the beautiful photographs and for making proper maternal care available one mom-to-be at a time.

To anyone else - do you want to make an impact, too? With your donation of €20 - that's 4 coffees to go, one cute baby outfit, or one yoga class - MommaLuv can supply one mom-to-be in Africa with a birth kit containing everything she needs to prepare for a healthy childbirth, and granting her access to hospital care. To make a donation or learn more about MommaLuv's initiatives, go to their website.


Atelier Melon x MommaLuv Birth Project donation




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