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Stay fit during pregnancy: take a swim

When your go-to workouts start getting uncomfortable or impossible at some point during pregnancy, it might be time to try something new. Swimming is a good idea. Why? Let’s dive (get it?) into it.

Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises during pregnancy. Here’s why.

It's a low-impact workout

During pregnancy, your body releases the hormone relaxin, which causes your ligaments to become more loose. Low-impact workouts, like swimming, allow you to move without putting too much pressure on your joints.

A good way to reduce swelling

Due to the extra fluids in your body, you can experience some swelling in your legs and feet during pregnancy. Swimming improves the circulation of fluids in the body, which can reduce swelling.

Perfect for all trimesters

The biggest plus: swimming is a great workout in all stages of your pregnancy, up until the very end. Maintaining your endurance levels and your strength is a good way to prepare for the physical demands of both pregnancy and labor (and the rollercoaster that comes after, too).

A pregnancy-hack to reduce back pain

A common complaint during pregnancy is lower back pain. You can blame your growing uterus, softer ligaments, and the fact that your abs are temporarily non-active. And once that belly starts growing, the extra weight is not making it any better. Floating in the pool, you’ll feel weightless - taking some pressure off your spine, at least for a moment.

A reason to get yourself a cute swimsuit

Any workout is more fun in a nice outfit. This is your cue to get yourself a cute swimsuit, find the nearest pool and take a swim.

(Note: consult your midwife or other healthcare provider in case you’re in doubt if swimming is a good workout option for you. Once your waters have broken, swimming is not recommended, anymore. Also: don’t dive, don’t jump in the pool, stay hydrated and always listen to your own body.)

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