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Jeans for all bumps: we're expanding our size range

At Atelier Melon, we're dedicated to supporting women throughout their pregnancy journey by creating comfortable and good looking jeans that you're actually happy to wear. We believe that every woman deserves to look her best and feel confident during this time in her life, regardless of her size or shape. That's why we're happy to announce we're expanding our size range with the introduction of our popular light blue Wide jeans in size 44.

We've listened to your feedback

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Over the last year, we've had numerous events - such as our pop-up shop in Amsterdam - where we got to meet and talk to our customers in real life. Through these conversations it became more and more clear to us that women with sizes that are not the 'regular' ones, were really struggling to find a nice pair of jeans. Sure, they could buy a legging or a pair of elastic flared pants, but these were not the type of trousers they liked wearing in normal life, so why should they be forced to wear them now that they were pregnant? That's where we're stepping in.

So let's welcome size 44!

Our Wide leg jeans is a real bestseller, so when the time came to order new stock, we saw the perfect opportunity to add size 44 to the club. We're dedicated to making as much pregnant women as possible happy with a pair of jeans that fit their sense of style and that gives them the confidence they deserve. Size 44 is available as of now!

Let's answer some questions

Any questions you may have about the expansion of our size range, we've tried to answer in a little FAQ.

1. Why are you introducing size 44 only for the Wide leg jeans?

When ordering new stock, there's an amount of minimum quantities per item that we have to meet. And these are quite high for us as a starting brand. It's simply not possible to have just the size 44 produced, since we won't meet the minimum quantities needed to get the machines up and running. When the time came to order new stock of the Wide leg in light blue, it was the perfect time to add an extra size. Our Boyfriend jeans in black and our Wide jeans in Dark blue are currently being produced in size 44 as well, other products will follow later, once a reorder is needed.

2. Will you add a size 32 as well?

So after all our conversations with customers at our pop-up and other events, we didn't get the idea that a size 32 would be needed. If in the future we find out there is a demand for a smaller size after all, of course we're willing to take that into consideration!

3. When will size 44 be available?

The Wide leg in light blue in size 44 is available already. You can find it here.

4. How can I provide feedback or suggestions for future options in size expansion?

We love hearing from you, so bring it on! If you have any feedback or ideas on sizing (or any other matter, by the way) please reach out to us at, or send us a DM on Instagram.

Join us on our journey

We're really grateful for each and every woman walking around in our pregnancy jeans. We'll continue our mission to make Atelier Melon the go-to pregnancy brand that empowers women at every stage towards motherhood, and our small step to make our size range more inclusive is an important part of that. Let's grow the Atelier Melon community together, and change the world of pregnancy jeans for good.


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