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Quick Q&A: Lidian van Megen

As soon as you're a mom, we consider you an expert at being one. And as we feel women are best when they help and support each other, we love to collect tips, tricks & life hacks, from one mom to another mom (to be). Here's a quick Q&A with a familiar face on our website: LIDIAN VAN MEGEN - a photographer living in Haarlem, mom of MIA (9 months) and one of our beautiful Atelier Melon models.

Currently reading...

“Nowadays, almost everything I read has to do with babies. I'm very interested in food - especially the Rapley method - and I tend to read every Instagram caption on breastfeeding and raising kids. I guess reading a physical book won't happen until we go on vacation. 'Hunt, Gather, Parent' by Michaeleen Doucleff is still waiting to be read.”

First thing I do when I wake up

“Mia's sounds wake me up every morning, and the first thing I do, is pick her up and breastfeed her. After, I make myself an oat milk latte, and I drink it in bed."

Favourite hotspot with a kid

“The beach!"

Best travel destination with a baby

“Earlier this year we traveled to one of the Greek islands, with both our parents - Mia's grandparents. I believe they love kids in Greece, because at every restaurant we went to, the waiters took Mia for a stroll on the terrace or a trip to the kitchen. We also bought a family-size car, so we can go on vacation by car and take everything we need with us."

Ultimate date night

"Having diner together is my favourite date night, but we also love to bring Mia along. We make sure to go a bit earlier than we normally would, but it's so nice to be out as a family of three."


Must-have when in labor

“A lot of checklists tell you to bring Dextro Energy, or something else that's high in sugar. I would recommend to bring something you actually like eating, and that's more nutritious."

Best gift after giving birth

“Ever since I'm young, my mom and I look for a specific type of shells you can find at some beaches. She had those shells made into a necklace for herself, a bracelet for me, and a tiny bracelet for Mia as well."

And the worst gift

“To me, clothing and toys are not the best type of gifts. Or anything that's in sight and that depends on taste, really."

Mom essential

“I'm a big fan of my baby carrier! And my wireless breast pump - I got myself the one from Elvie - is a real life saver. It's discreet enough to use it when in company of others, which just makes it so much easier to keep breastfeeding your baby for a longer period of time."

Mom-life hack

“Do everything on demand! Let go of any schedule. Your baby will tell you when he or she is tired, or hungry. Listen to your baby, instead of just watching the clock."

Lidian & Mia

Don't buy...

“Cliche but true; a baby doesn't need a lot. We barely used our baby bath, because we usually take her in bath with us, or have a shower with her. It's a shame it took up so much space in our bathroom. Also, there's plenty of clothes she didn't really wear, mostly because I found them too difficult to put on."

Things I do for me

“Hmm, that has yet to happen I think. Maybe I should allow myself more things like a trip to the beautician and hairdresser, or a massage treatment. A good resolution to myself: more selfcare!"

Things I buy for me

“Good coffee, the latest phone with the best camera, an e-bike."


Motherhood in 3 words

“Motherhood to me is a thousand things. Mostly, it's incomprehensible how special it is. It teaches me so much about myself, and about life, and it makes me feel so much love. So in three words, I'd say: amazing, teaching, heartwarming."

Best tip for partners

“The first months of motherhood, Louk got me something to drink and a small snack every time I had to breastfeed Mia. A small act of kindness that felt huge to me at the time. It made me feel very supported."

(Un)solicited advice 

“It's okay to do things your way. Even if a different way turns out to be better in the end."

Click here to find Lidian on Instagram.

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